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General provisions

These buying-selling rules (hereafter „the Rules“) regulates the mutual rights and duties of the buyer and „“ (hereafter „the Seller“) regarding purchase of goods and terms of payment, the procedure of delivery and return, responsibilities of parties and also other provisions related to purchase and sale of products. The Seller reserves the right at any time to change, correct or supplements the Rules, considering the requirements established by law. The right to buy at online store belongs to the capable natural person, i.e., person, whose capability is not limited by law and juridical persons.

Protection of personal data

The buyer brings the data required for the execution of the order: first name, last name, shipping address, phone number, e-mail. The Seller confirms that this data will be used solely for sale of goods, direct marketing and administration. The Seller undertakes not to disclose any of this information to the third parties.

The rights of the buyer

The buyer has the right to cancel the contract with the Seller, by giving notice to the Seller by e-mail within 30 business days since delivery of goods.

The buyer‘s responsibilities

The buyer undertakes to pay the ordered goods and delivery fee and to accept the products under the terms of these rules. The buyer undertakes the responsibility not to dispose of his/her login data to the third parties. If the buyer loses his/her login data, he must immediately inform the Seller. If the data provided in the registration form changes, the buyer must promptly update the data.

The rights of the Seller

If the buyer is trying to harm the online store job stability and safety or contravene his/her responsibilities, the Seller reserve the right immediately to disable buyers account at any time without any notice. The Seller reserves the right temporarily or termless to suspend the online store‘s activity without any notice.

The Seller‘s responsibilities

The Seller commits to capacitate the buyer to embrace online store facilities properly. The Seller commits to arrange delivery of goods ordered by the buyer to his/her indicated address. The Seller, due to important circumstances not being able to provide the goods ordered by the buyer, undertakes the responsibility to offer the buyers a similar product, and if the buyers refuse to accept the analog of the good, to return buyers money within 5 business days. In this case, the Seller is relieved of the responsibility to present the goods.


The buyer, ordering goods, can choose the delivery options, i.e., to embrace delivery service provided by the Seller. The buyer, choosing the delivery service, commits to supply the correct delivery address.


The buyer is entitled to return or to change the goods for 30 days. Replacement and return expenses are covered by the buyer.


The buyer is responsible for providing correct data in the registration form. The buyer undertakes the responsibility for the consequences arising from falsity or inaccuracy of the data provided in the registration form. The buyer undertakes the responsibility to keep his/her login data and not to disclose it, to ensure, that the data is known only to himself and used only by himself, to avoid the possibility for other people to access the data and use it. If it‘s suspected, that your login data could be known by another person, the buyer must immediately inform the Seller, also immediately notify the seller about the connection to the online store data violation and disclosure. All actions carried out using the identification code of the buyer shall be considered to be made by the buyer, and the buyer assumes full responsibility for the consequences of such actions. The Seller is not responsible for the information provided by other website companies, even if the buyer comes to these websites through the links in the Seller online store.

Sending information

The Seller sends all notices to the e-mail provided in the buyer‘s registration form. The buyer sends all notifications and question using communication, indicated by the Seller in the online store section „Contacts.“

Important safety notice

Our products (Amber Jewelry) are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Amber teething necklaces are made for wearing not for chewing! Amber teething jewelry should be removed when a child is sleeping or unattended! Amber teething jewelry is not a toy, use only with adult supervision!

We assume no responsibility if any harm should come to the child due to misuse of our products.

If you need more information, please contact us by e-mail.